Le Cercle K2 est un lieu actif d’échanges et de dialogue
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Because the world requires
a multidisciplinary approach


What is Cercle K2?


Since its creation, Cercle K2 has developed different networking and dialogue platforms

Created in 2013, by Kévin Dumoux, Jean-Michel Icard, le Général Jean-Pierre Meyer and Krys Pagani, Cercle K2 is a registered French not-for-profit organization, under the 1st of July 1901 law, and functioning with no public subsidy. It is a place for professionals coming from any background to network and discuss.

Cercle K2 has two faces:

  • It is a club dedicated to its Members with exclusive events only accessible to them: breakfasts, debates, lunches, visits, workshops, Parcours K2, Chemin K2, etc.
  • It is also a place to reflect on many topics with actions accessible to the public: videos, studies, working groups’ publications, Trophies K2, conferences, etc.

Today, Cercle K2 is a multidisciplinary (over 50 different professions are represented), intergenerational (Chemin K2, Parcours K2, etc.) and international association (See map below).

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Cercle K2 is non partisan and is not intended to support a specific doctrine or person. It is a place to discuss where the speech must be free and plural.
General Jean-Pierre Meyer, President of Cercle K2, extract from his speech during the Trophies K2 ceremony, January 19, 2016

Cercle K2 is an international organization which gathers, among its members, over 30 nationalities. Its objective is to expand across the world to contribute to the spread of its multidisciplinary approach, which implies the mixing of ideas and cultures.


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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee deals with the monitoring and management of the Association.


Krys Pagani - Cercle K2

Krys Pagani


Guy de Leusse - Cercle K2

Guy de Leusse


Jean-Michel Icard - Cercle K2

Jean-Michel Icard

Director of Appointments

Kévin Dumoux - Cercle K2

Kévin Dumoux

Chief Strategy Officer

Marilise Miquel - Cercle K2

Marilise Miquel

Director of Operations, in charge of Groupes K2

Pascale Lardin - Cercle K2

Pascale Lardin

Director of Development and Coordination

Maqin Tao - Cercle K2

Maqin Tao

Director of Studies

Mélody Pellissier - Cercle K2

Mélody Pellissier

Head of internal Communication, in charge of Trophées K2

Charlotte Lapicque - Cercle K2

Charlotte Lapicque

General secretary, in charge of Chemin K2

Philippe Berrini - Cercle K2

Philippe Berrini

Private Division

Xavier Desmaison - Cercle K2

Xavier Desmaison

Public Division

Céline Dobsik - Cercle K2

Céline Dobsik

Legal Division

Ludovic Emanuely - Cercle K2

Ludovic Emanuely

“Challenging offensive operations” Division

Nathalie Felines - Cercle K2

Nathalie Felines

Interior/Justice Division

Ludovic François - Cercle K2

Ludovic François

Leverage Division

Elisa Huet - Cercle K2

Elisa Huet

Vigilance Division

Jean-Luc Mano - Cercle K2

Jean-Luc Mano

Media and Communication Division

Alain Papiasse - Cercle K2

Alain Papiasse

Economy/Finance Division

Xavier Radisson - Cercle K2

Xavier Radisson

Research Division

Pierre Saurel - Cercle K2

Pierre Saurel

Science and Technology Division