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What is Cercle K2’s philosophy?

Parce que le monde impose une approche pluridisciplinaire

Cercle K2, registered as a French non-profit organization, under the legal act of July 1st 1901, is a think tank which provides private or public institutions, as well as professionals from various sectors of industry, with a platform for thought, discussion, and action. Its scope is broad: Cercle K2 addresses, inter alia, questions on economic development, human ressources, cybercrime, economic and financial security and the environment.

Cercle K2’s objective is to provide strategic direction to businesses, especially to small and medium enterprises, that will enable them to manage their current business and to conquer new markets*…, while anticipating areas of risk and putting into place measures to prevent and mitigate that risk. In doing this work, Cercle K2 can facilitate true reflection on economic opportunities and action which, due to increased labour and business mobility, may become more flexible, more certain, and as a consequence more efficient.

This is Cercle K2’s focus. It aims to promote an on-going enquiry into the nature and the forms of operational thinking in the fields of risk management and economic strategy. To do so, this think tank brings together individuals from the sectors of economic development, global risk management, security and information technology, along with philosophers, writers, … whose expertise and creativity can solve complex situations and bring an increased awareness to these challenging and interesting issues.

Général Jean-Pierre Meyer
Krys Pagani

* especially in countries located in challenging regions/difficult areas

What does Cercle K2 do?

Rapport Annuel du Cercle K2 2016 2017 PDF
Rapport Annuel du Cercle K2 PDF
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Executive Committee

Cercle K2 is governed by the President, Jean-Pierre Meyer, and the Vice-president, Krys Pagani.
The Executive Committee ensures the everyday management of the Association.



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