Rules of Trophies K2 - 2023

Article 1 – Objective

Cercle K2 has created awards known as “Trophées K2”.

These Trophées are meant to:

Article 2 – Applications

Applications must be sent at the following address: Cercle K2 – 10, rue des Pyramides – 75001 Paris or by email at Applicants must enclose an application letter in which the applicant declare on his/her word of honor:

Submitted documents and works will not be returned.

Article 3 – Jury Composition

The jury is composed of at least two members, including the President, chosen among the academic and economic world. It is up to the President of the jury to nominate the other jury members.

Article 4 – Obligations of the Jury

Jury members have to provide in writing their consent to participate. The reception of this consent by the Cercle K2’s team implies acceptance of the present rules.

They also have to respect an obligation of confidentiality in regards to the applicant lists, the forms submitted for their deliberation and the laureates’ names.

They consent not to disclose any deliberation and to deliberate with integrity and independence in regards to the event organizers, on the one hand, and to the different applicants, on the other hand.

Article 5 – Reward

Article 5.1. – Valorization: Every laureate will receive an award during a ceremony organized in a prestigious place in the presence of Cercle K2’s Founding Members, Jury Members and outside personalities.

Article 5.2. – Support: The laureates constitute a promotion of researchers and will be invited, on a regular basis, to lunches, cocktails or diners organized by the Cercle K2 where they will meet Founding Members or outside personalities.

Article 6 – Publicity

By accepting to participate to the Trophées K2, jury members and laureates consent to the use of their image ( rst name, last name, function and photo) on every support linked to this action without such use conferring them any rights whatsoever other than the awarded prize.

Article 7 – Designation of the Laureates

Jury members deliberate during meetings intended for this topic. The calendar is agreed by every member according to his/her availability. In the case a jury member is absent for any reason, an alternative solution will be proposed as to get his/her opinion before final deliberation.

The jury can decide to reward more than one applicant or not to award any applicants if it considers that none of the submitted research works meets the required qualities.

The President of the jury will disclose the ranking of the Trophée to all the applicants.

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